Note: No part of this contest is paid, i.e., you do not need to pay or purchase in order to become a part of or win Jeeto Trivia on D2.

Following rules will be applicable on all the participants taking part in Jeeto Trivia contest on D2.

Eligibility criteria:

Entry period:

Contests will be announced via APP, Push notification, InApp or Social Media. You may join the contest while it is live in D2, however, missing or wrong answer to a question will lead to only watching. D2 reserves the right to cancel any contest, in our sole discretion, without any prior notice.


Winner of each Trivia contest will receive the cash prize determined by D2. In case of multiple winners, prize money will be evenly distributed.
To receive payment of the contests won, you can cash out your money with EasyPaisa. In case of huge amount or large prize, you may be asked to receive it by mutually agreeable method. The winner’s eligibility to receive the prize will be subject to Trivia rules & Terms of use policy of D2.

Prize Selection:

The winner of the contest will be last person(s) in the game, who has given right answers to all questions until the end. In case of more than person at the end of the contest, prize money for the contest will be divided among all the winners.
Notice: By entering or becoming part of Jeeto Trivia contest you agree to all the terms and conditions of D2 and all federal, provincial, and local laws that are applicable.