How to earn from D2?

D2 is an ultimate lifestyle & marketplace application, we reward our users for creativity and activities they post on D2. Cashpoints is our inapp currency how we reward our users, for each activity user will get a specified amount of cashpoints. However, D2 is not an earning application but a lifestyle app where you get rewarded for creative activities!!!!

How to earn cashpoints on D2?

D2 rewards users for specific activities, to earn cashpoints, you need to perform following activities:

  • Invite a friend to D2 with referral code
  • Like videos to earn cashpoints

These are the only ways you can earn cashpoints on D2 app, to learn more about cashpoints Click Here

How to redeem cashpoints?

Here is how you can redeem cashpoints:


Go to profile -> cashpoints -> points shop -> Click on redeem option of your choice.


Your redeem request will be verified for spamming activities and on successful verification you will receive your reward within 7 to 9 working days.

I have redeemed cashpoints but not received reward yet?

Every redeem request is verified before we proceed to payment. The verification may take 3 – 5 working days, however in some cases it may take more time.


After successful verification, we proceed your request into payment which takes 2 – 3 working days.


Collectively it may take 7 – 9 working days to proceed payment. 

My cashpoints are not increasing?

You can earn cashpoints by performing above listed activities. You need to keep performing these activities in order to get cashpoints. In case you are not receiving cashpoints after performing activities, you can contact us

I have invited a friend but not received cashpoints?

D2 gives 750 cashpoints to users when they invite friends on D2. Cashpoints are awarded only when someone with invite link has singed up on D2.


If your friends have downloaded the application but not signed up yet, you will not get cashpoints, You can ask your friends to singup using the same invite link to get cashpoints.

What is spamming?

Misuse of features on D2 and exploiting the system to earn cashpoints is referred to as spamming. Anyone using false or spammy practices to earn cashpoints will not be eligible for any cashpoints and D2 reserves the right to cancel any cashpoints and redeem request for such users.

I do not see an update of D2 on playstore, what do i do?

You need to clear the cache of your Google Play Store, for this kindly perform below set of instructions.


1. On your Android phone, open your Settings app .

2. Tap Apps & notifications.

3. Tap Download Manager. If you don’t see it, tap See all apps or App info.

4. Open Google Play Services.

5. Tap Storage >  Clear cache.

6. Tap Clear storage > Clear all data > OK.

7. Open the Google Play Store app.

8. Wait for 5 minutes, then try your download again.

I am not getting O.T.P on my phone number. What should I do?

You can try one of the three things:

1. Do not add zero or ISD code (+9 Country Code) while entering your phone number.

2. It could be due to bad internet connection, please try again after sometime.

3. If you are a user from anywhere other than UK, DK, or PK, you can’t proceed further.

I logged out from my profile, now when I re-login I see a new account. What should I do to recover my account details?

You will be asked to choose the ‘forgot password?’ option and request for an OTP (One Time Password) via text. You can login again by putting the OTP in the given option and proceed with the routine process

What if I don’t want to give the permissions asked?

The details we access when permission is given is very secured and we do not disclose any information to any party. It is highly recommended that you give access to all the permissions asked to enjoy all the benefits from the features of the app.

My phone number has changed so how do I re-login?

You will be required to login into your original account first using the old phone number. Please use your old phone number to receive the OTP for login. Once logged in, inside the app, click on the ‘Menu’ option in the bottom right corner, and then click on your ‘Profile Image’ in the top left corner or go to ‘My Account’ option the menu list and click on ‘Profile’ option then ‘Edit Profile’ button (right top of the Profile bar). You will get an option to enter and verify your new phone number. After logging out, you can use the new number to re-login.

I found a post abusive. What can I do to remove such a post?

You can report a post abusive in D2 by clicking on the ‘3 dots’ tab in the top right corner of the post and report the post by choosing the option of ‘Report Abuse’ from the three options given.

What can I post on D2?

You can upload all types of content except discriminatory, violent, pornographic content or anything that violates our Content and Community Guidelines. You can even share gifs and also request for a prayer.

What happens if i do not remain active on D2?

If you remain inactive on d2 for more than 30 days, any cashpoints associated with your profile will be removed.