What to check before buying gadgets from online stores in Pakistan in 2023

by Faran Samuel on November 25, 2022

The growth of e-commerce in Pakistan is reaching an all-time high as more people are now knowledgeable of the fact that right from their homes, they can now buy products and have them delivered to them, some people initially had several fears that the process of buying online may be too cumbersome for them to understand, so they rather just walk into any physical store and make their purchase, this has led a lot of leading online stores to up their game, making online purchase extremely seamless and easier than even buying from a physical store. With this known, some people pay even more attention to gadget buying as buying gadgets is completely different from buying, for example, clothing, you will want to be sure the gadget you are buying is in perfect condition and excellent quality. Below, we will look at some basic things you must look out for when buying gadgets online in Pakistan. What to check before buying gadgets from online stores in Pakistan in 2023

1) Website Trust Rating and Credibility:

There are a lot of fraud e-commerce stores where products are displayed but when a buyer makes the payment for an order, they never deliver, they simply take the buyer’s money. That is why when buying your gadgets online, the first thing you will want to be sure of is how reliable the online store is, how long they have been running, its fan base across social media platforms, and of cause customer reviews online. As a gadget buyer who wants to make a purchase online, it is usually best to go for popular known e-commerce stores such as MyD2App. They have been in the market for many years and have proven to be exceptionally reliable. 

2) Testimonials And Product Review:

when you have found your desired gadget, either a mobile phone, earphones, power bank, Laptops, Home Appliances, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Trending Ladies Bags, Beauty and Fitness Appliances, Smart Watches, Air Conditioners, and Tablets  etc. It is particularly important for you to check reviews of other buyers who have earlier purchased the product. The reviews will easily allow you to decide if buying such a product will be worth it. The photos you see online might not actually reflect the real and physical look. To be certain you are buying the right product, make sure to check reviews. 

3) Return Policy:

This is something that a lot of buyers take for granted but is extremely important, especially when purchasing gadgets, you do not want a situation where you buy a product only to find out it is not of excellent quality, or the product has a defect and yet you are stuck with it because you made a purchase from a store that does not have a return policy. So henceforth when making a purchase online for your next gadget, remember to check if the store has a return policy. MyD2App offers a return policy within 7 days, just a video needs to be made while opening the parcel. If there is any issue with the product, it can easily be returned to D2 by simply contacting them via their agile customer service.  

4) Mode Of Payment:

Card payment is gradually growing in Pakistan; however, a lot of people are still skeptical about this which is not surprising since there are so many fraud sites that just want to defraud unsuspecting buyers; hence why it is important to look out for online stores that specifically allows payment on delivery. With payment on delivery, you are quite sure that your money is safe since you will only pay for your gadget only when you have seen the product. This is a win for those who buy on MyD2App since they offer payment on delivery. 

5) Website Security:

An online shopping store must be secured. It is extremely necessary, and you must check before inputting your credit or debit card details on the checkout page. Things to look out for. Look at the URL of the website, if it begins with "https" instead of "http" it means the site is secured using SSL certificate (the S stands for Secure). SSL certificates secure all your data as it is passed from your browser to the website server.  


6) Delivery Time Frame:

When a store offers faster delivery, it is most times more reliable in comparison to longer delivery periods. Aside from quick delivery, it also makes you the seller get your product at hand quite quickly to be able to ascertain and be quite sure what you saw online is what is being delivered to you. MyD2App offers fast delivery within 24 to a max of 72 hours.  


7) Customer Service:

one last thing to consider when making a purchase is the availability of customer service on the platform. You do not want a situation where you encounter a problem while purchasing your product and then there is no way to reach customer support to help you resolve any problem you just have encountered. 

If all the noted points listed above is properly followed, you are sure to make a smooth purchase of your gadget. Likewise if you will not want to stress yourself with over researching the best platform to purchase from, then your best bet is making all your gadget purchase from D2 as they are extremely reliable and you are sure to get all we have listed above and even much more on their platform.