Simple Suit Silai at the lowest rate on D2

by Faran Samuel on October 26, 2022

Culture and fashion are vital parts of any country’s history and civilization. In Pakistan, both are inextricably woven. Pakistani fashion has flourished well in the changing environment of the fashion world. Since Pakistan came into being its fashion has historically evolved from distinct phases and made its unique identity. At this time, Pakistani fashion is a combination of traditional and modern dresses and has become Pakistan's cultural identity. Despite all modern trends, regional and traditional dresses have developed their significance as a symbol of native tradition. This regional fashion is not static but evolving into more modern and pure forms. 

Simple suit silari on D2

Everyone is looking to get beautiful and perfectly fitted suits stitched but the ever-growing inflation and the prices of getting suits stitched have made it exceedingly difficult for even the most afforded class of Pakistan to go for getting made-to-order suits stitched.  

But worrying times are over as D2’s tailoring service offers to find tailors at cheap and economical and affordable prices. And the quality of these tailors is top notch too.  

We have highlighted some sellers on D2 who offer exquisite and well-fitted suits without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Ayan Tailor 

Product Type: Tailors 

All types of ladies stitching, simple suit stitching 1500 piping and lace 150 fancy suit silai starting from 4000. 

 Shaakir Tailor 

Product Type: Tailors 

Simple suit stitching 1800  

Piping and lace 300  

Fancy suit stitching starting from 4500. Contact d2 for the best stitching 


Pari garments 

Product Type: Tailors 

Net fancy suit or simple suit ate also stitched. Whoever wants to get a suit stitiched can get in touch. Stitching 3500 


Sadiqui Tailor 

Product Type: Tailors 

Get a discount on Gents simple suit stitching 

Contact my through 

simple suit stitching Rs. 2000 


Mahtab tailor 

Product Type: Tailors 

All types of ladies stitching. Simple suit in Rs. 1500, Piping & lace in Rs. 300. Fancy suit silai from 4000. Only on MYD2APP.COM 


Abdullah Tailors 

Product Type: Tailors 

All types of ladies stitching. simple suit stitching 2000 piping and lace 300 fancy suit silai starting from 4000. 


 Abdullah Tailors 

Product Type: Tailors 

All types of ladies silai.simple suit silai 2000 piping and lace 300 fancy suit silai 

starting from 4000. 



Product Type: Tailors 

Stylish suit stitching only 5000 say! Contact on D2 now and get a stylish suits stitched on discounted rates. 


 Sajid Botiuqe 

Product Type: Tailors 

All types of ladies silai. Simple suit stitching in Rs. 1500. Piping and lace in Rs. 200 and fancy suit stitching starting from 3500. 


This list is not exhaustive as there are loads of tailors on the D2 platform offering well-made suits of high quality with tremendous affordable pricing 

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