Most Trusted e-commerce websites in Pakistan

by Faran Samuel on December 06, 2022


pakistan most trusted website

With the constant growth of e-commerce in Pakistan, it is not at its peak yet as many people are still reluctant to get on this fast-moving train. Many are still skeptical about purchasing online, and those who go ahead to purchase online are constantly in fear of being defrauded for their money or being sold inferior products. There are trusted e-commerce sites; However, certain things must be looked out for such as... 

  • Site legitimacy: an e-commerce website without a record of accomplishment of sustainability is not worth taking risks with your money. As a buyer, you are to scrutinize the platform you are buying from to be sure they have been running successfully for at least some years.
  • Payment method: when an e-commerce platform does not have a flexible payment method, it is a red flag. Many buyers enjoy the ease of making payments with their Credit or debit card, but some customers prefer making payments only after they have received their products. A trusted e-commerce platform will surely offer these options for such customers.
  • Pay on delivery: this is quite like the above. A trusted e-commerce store should have no issue accepting payments on delivery. That way, new customers buying from the platform for the first time can pay only when they have seen their product delivered to them.
  • Customer service: this is one of the most important aspects to take into consideration when buying from any platform. Most things in this modern world are becoming automated and digitalized through software programs and "AI"s, however, human interaction cannot be ruled out as certain errors may occur in the buying process. You need a platform that is quick to respond to your inquiries and fast to solve any challenge you may encounter on their platform.

Can I get all the above on D2?  

MyD2App is a known name in the e-commerce industry in Pakistan, offering electronic gadgets and enabling service sellers to offer their services to customers in Pakistan. D2 has service categories for Photographers, Tailors, Teachers, Fitness trainers, Event planners, and Beauticians. This service sellers offer video representation of their services on the platform making it easy for buyers to get a 100% feel of what they are about to purchase. 


 Above, we discussed certain points and things to look out for when buying on a platform such as 

  • Site legitimacy: D2 marketplace is the biggest video-powered marketplace in Pakistan which makes it well-known in the e-commerce industry.
  • Payment method: D2 offers its customers the option to pay through card payments or payment on delivery which eradicates any fear the customer may have about paying before having their products delivered.
  • Customer service: D2 runs in 24 hours customer support service through live chat, phone, and email. D2 marketplace is quite seamless and so it is rare to encounter any challenge whatsoever. However, you should be aware in the occurrence of any challenge on the platform, D2 customer service support is available for you 24 hours a day.

 In conclusion, the D2 marketplace is the most trusted e-commerce platform in Pakistan, as they make the buying and selling process on the platform extremely smooth. Customers are always moved to leave a 5-star review after every purchase on MyD2App.