How Much does it Cost to Get a Custom - Tailors Suit in Pakistan Now

by Faran Samuel on November 30, 2022

Demand for Pakistani suits is at its all-time high with Tailors and Designers striving to make them even more appealing. Many have always wondered how much it costs to get a custom-tailored suit, so we will be breaking down the cost of making these beautifully Designed suits by looking at the process and how much tailors charge for them in total. 

  • Measurements: when a custom-tailored suit is made, the first step that is taken is the measurement. It is quite important to get this right, the specific measurement will be used as the baseline for the entire sewing process. 

Tailors usually do not charge for this measurement if you are making a custom-tailored suit as the cost of measurement is included in the sewing already.  

  • Suit material: the material used in the making of a suit plays a vital part in the total cost of the suit, this is an essential part in the making of the custom-tailored suit. Different people use various kinds of materials, some are more expensive than others, a client who opts for expensive material, it is certain that the total cost of the suit will be more expensive. Usually, tailors can guide you through the process of picking the right material for your need or budget.
  • Design: The design of a suit also plays an important aspect in the overall cost of the suit. a complex but captivating design is sure to cost a lot more than a suit made in a simple Style. A lot of tailors and designers are starting to create exquisite designs that are so captivating that people from other countries are making orders for them.
  • Delivery period: when making a custom-made suit, how quickly the tailor makes and delivers the suit can impact the total cost of the suit. A suit that is made expressly and finished in a day is sure to be more expensive than a suit that is not made expressly.

 After vast research made to find out the average price tailors are charging for suits across Pakistan, we found the average price to be Rs.1,200 for the stitching, some tailors charge a little less for women’s suits which falls to about Rs.1000,  Some top tailors charge far higher than this while others charge less. But there are sure two things most people want, and this is affordability with excellent quality. This is where D2 marketplace comes in. MyD2App has the largest network of Tailors on its platform. Most of these tailors are experienced veterans who can create incredibly beautiful design suits for both men and women. Below we have listed some awesome tailors who specialize in suit-making. These tailors offer great designs at affordable prices. 

  • Zaid Tailor : Well-known for their neat stitching style and rank among the top tailors in Anarkali. They are best for casual wear stitching for both men and women. You can hire their service for just Rs.1,500. To order Zaid service, click on his link and you will be able to order his service from your home directly from the MyD2App.
  • Muhammad shabbir Tailor: This tailor is based in Gulberg, best at making Gents suit designs. If you are looking to sew fancy designs, then you should contact Mohammad as he is known to create great designs at affordable prices. His fee for stitching starts from Rs.1,200. You do not need to leave the comfort of your home to order the services of Mohammad. With the MyD2App, you can hire his service right away.
  • Hanif Tailor: All types of gents stitching. Simple suits Rs.1500 while Double silai means an additional Rs.350 to be charged.

Embroidery suit stitching from Rs.2500 only. Hanif services are quite affordable yet very neat and professional. To order Hanif's  service, click on his link and you will be able to order his service from your home directly from the MyD2App.  

  • Farhan Tailor : Farhan is a tailor based in Gulberg who specializes in sewing all types of gents suits, He assures his customers of good stitching and his prices are quite affordable which starts from just Rs.1,200. You can order the services of Farhan quite easily on the MyD2App and you are sure to also get good discounts ordering on MyD2App.
  • Aroosh Fashion Studio : Aroosh is a spectacular fashion designer who specializes in sewing fancy suits. You can get a well-tailored suit from Aroosh starting at Rs.1,500. To order Aroosh's  service, click on his link and you will be able to order his service from your home directly from the MyD2App.

All we have discussed and investigated above, the cost of sewing a nicely custom-made suit is not expensive as we can averagely say around Rs.1,200, especially because platforms like MyD2App already make it quite easy to get the best tailors at the best prices.