Free Delivery in Lahore

by Faran Samuel on November 08, 2022

E-commerce has indeed grown rapidly in Pakistan and this significant growth cannot be achieved without mentioning Lahore which is the second largest city in Pakistan. With a population of over 13 million people and a growing number of online buyers, we can say Lahore ranks high in the number of online purchases in Pakistan. There are still some drawbacks though, a lot of these e-commerce companies are still quite late to certain rewards online buyers’ desire. Lahore is one of the top cities in Pakistan and sure attracts a lot of online buying, however, buying online is a play of psychology especially when it comes to the shipping process. A lot of sellers have not understood the psychology of online purchases. Buyers are more attracted to free shipping or delivery as this affects their buying decisions. If a buyer is presented with a product of which the price for example is Rs.100 + shipping fee of Rs10, the buyer is most likely to be turned off and opt for the same type of product at the rate of Rs.110 +  free shipping. Buyers are just more attracted to the free delivery tags on products.  

Free Delivery in Lahore


Global e-commerce brands like Amazon and the like have set a precedence in which almost 70% of shoppers believe all sellers should offer free shipping.  Studies have shown that about 80% of shoppers say they are likely to make an order for a product when they see the free shipping tag. This is the same situation in Pakistan, shoppers believe free delivery reduces the extra cost incurred when making a purchase.  

Many are of the belief free delivery only benefits the buyers. However, that is not the case as businesses that offer free delivery also benefit greatly because those incentives given to customers contribute to customers’ loyalty to a brand. A customer is most likely to make another purchase when they have previously bought a product with free delivery unlike when they had to pay extra for delivery. 



1)  Hidden fees; people who buy online generally nurse the fear of hidden fees,  research has shown that over 50% of shoppers abandon their carts when they come across extra fees added to the product cost.  But when it is clearly stated that the cost of delivering the product is free, it eliminates the fear of every hidden cost the buyer might have had.  

2)  Smoother buying process:  when a buyer comes on a platform to make a purchase, they are already willing to part with their money to purchase a product, they wish to go through this process hassle-free, but when added fees are charged to the product, it instantly affects their initial mindset of wanting to purchase as they start to debate if they need the product due to the extra fee.  

3)  Convenience:  Buyers naturally love convenience, when shopping, anything that brings about complexities is likely to discourage the buyer. An average buyer is not a mathematician who wants to stress their head calculating the cost of products + delivery or any extra fee. When a buyer sees a product for Rs.200, they simply want to offer that exact amount and get their products without having to deal with any extra calculations.  



 As we have earlier mentioned, Lahore residents rank high among online shoppers in Pakistan but unfortunately, some of these buyers have not been able to enjoy the pecks of free delivery that they want,  many e-commerce stores still charge outrageous fees for delivery and this tends to discourage a lot of shoppers.  

Buying online is meant to be a convenient process, this is why  D2   continues to grow rapidly as they understand what customers want and they make sure to go overboard in delivering customer satisfaction.  

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