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by Faran Samuel on October 03, 2022

If you have been searching for an instructor online, look no further, through D2 App and website you get easy access to teachers in Pakistan online. The major problem in e-commerce is the absence of a site for skilled creators – someone who is skilled enough to create earnings for themselves by monetizing their skills. 

D2 is giving an outlet to the Skilled Creators of Pakistan to promote their services on a platform that has millions of buyers to buy services from that too in video form – a form that has previously demonstrated itself to be more powerful than any traditional means of selling when it comes to business creation. And by joining a stage like D2, they have the big platform set to explode by simply posting engaging and intriguing videos for people to watch and interact with. 

Out of all the skilled creator categories, one of the most important ones is the tutor. Tutors have gained so much importance in recent times that they are now seen as one of the integral parts of our education system. But the challenge arises when one is looking for a competent result-oriented tutor. It becomes next to impossible to find a good tutor and the sheer waste of time that happens in just finding, interviewing, testing, and then having to look for another one in case it does not work out. But with D2 this entire process has been revolutionized. Now looking for a tutor is as simple as opening an app, typing tutor in the search bar, and finding loads of tutors with their video intros ready to be hired. Just watch the video you like and start chatting with them and hire the one you deem appropriate.  

 Find Tutors online on D2

We have listed some of the top-performing teachers for your ease. 


Pakistani Tutors Online  


Malik Usman is a professional driving teacher in Lahore, Pakistan and he teaches online on the D2 App, he teaches new motorists how to drive motor vehicles and he provides instruction on the parts and functions of a vehicle, and on- road rules. schooling practical skills related to all aspects of driving and helping scholars to develop confidence in their driving skills and also gain control of the vehicle during emergency situations. He also give theoretical and usable training that aims to develop scholars' driving capacities and teaches scholars to drive regular or commercial vehicles. When the training has finished the scholars have the knowledge and skills to be safe motorists  


Muhammad Sarfraz is an Intellectual Mathematician and delivers assignments that develop scholars' theoretical and applied mathematical skills. He creates assignment plans to instruct his scholars in general or technical subjects within mathematics and prepares calculation assignments, schoolwork, and tests to conduct knowledge and understanding for his students. He also assesses scholars' progress and capacities that sets him apart from other tutors.  


He's a Physics teacher that's passionate about physical science and tutors online through the D2 App. He helps scholars understand energy, matter, force, material, and all the laws communed to them. He also helps a scholar understand a body of information and the processes of scientific disquisition. He also helps the scholars in preparing stimulating assignments, relating and analyzing student requirements, strengths, and shortcomings, overseeing experiments.  


Unaib is a well spoken English instructor. He educates scholars in reading, writing, speaking and studying literature in the English language. Unaib is available online on the D2 App to instructor and develops assignments around knowledge, writing, alphabet, vocabulary and encourage learning the English language in a fun and engaging terrain  


Saira Naseer is a Computer instructor that's available online on the D2 App and provides theoretical and applied instruction on computer functionality. Saira also teaches scholars about the hardware and software used in ultramodern computer systems and helps scholars learn different computer- related skills.  


Qari Umer Farooq is an Islamic teacher on D2 app who teaches Islamic Religion online. He specializes in transferring his knowledge of Arabic, Quran and Islam to his scholars. 


     The major problem in the e-commerce sector is the lack of offering video reviews. People have to blindly patronize based on their reviews pictures and textual reviews of the products and then when they receive it, have either put it in their wardrobe forever without having to use it or need to start the hard and long road of returning the product. 

Tutoring is made fun and easy through D2 App as D2 is giving a platform for people to make informed decisions now instead of going in blindly to learn from a tutor you get to see the tutors through videos. When people come to D2 they will get to see the tutor in a video that will review the tutor totally and also show authenticity.