E-commerce Video Creation / Make Free Product Videos

by Faran Samuel on November 02, 2022

E-commerce is revolutionizing, and the mode and pattern people buy products and services are changing rapidly, from making physical purchases in stores, people now sit in their homes and make purchases and have their products delivered to them. Likewise, services follow the same pattern as right from your home, you can purchase a service, and have it rendered to you however you want it. 

With the way, people's buying behavior change constantly, so also is the way sellers of Goods and Services must evolve to be able to meet the needs and requirements of these buyers. As a seller of goods all services, to be able to maximize your sales, you must stop thinking like a regular vendor and start acting like a professional marketer. 

E-commerce and video commerce video


Not so long before now, sellers promote their products or services through write-ups and pictures depicting what they have to offer, but over time buyers wanted to have a 360 view of what they wanted to purchase, they did not just want a static depiction of what a seller is offering, this led to smart sellers jumping on the video ad listing, the moment they did, their sales skyrocketed, buyers started to patronize sellers that could offer video depiction of their products than those who do not. Sellers increasingly use videos to promote and sell their products and services in many ways. Videos are used for landing pages, social media, webinars, email, etc. On average, many businesses publish 18 to 20 videos monthly to boost their sales. the data points insight into the growing demand for videos and their extremely important value in sales and marketing. The key take-out of all this preamble is that video is an important part of any online seller's journey to success. Sellers that refused to jump on this video sales success trend may unfortunately be left behind by their competitors. 

Benefits of Selling with Videos 

Before we dive into how you as a seller can start creating video content for free, we will first highlight certain benefits of video sales that can help you grow your business, increase sales, and convert more customers. 


  • Video captivates and attracts: videos are more captivating and interesting than only plain text, it also keeps viewers’ attention, this is because videos combine both visual and auditory senses, that is Sound and movement. 


 The visual abilities of humans are quite impressive. People process visuals that they see 60,000 times faster than they process text they read, also most of the information that comes from the brain is visual, which simply means the viewer will better understand or retain a message through video than they will through text. And because of this, a buyer's chance of being attracted to your product or service rendered in videos is higher than when it is in plain text or picture. 


  • Videos help with SEO: practically everything or anything you must sell online must be hosted online, and there are billions of bits of information being hosted online, when you post your products or service online, your listing joins the unending list of others already hosted. So, for your listings to be visible to customers, that is where SEO comes to play, your listings must be properly optimized for search engines to be able to crawl and find them.


Google search engine can recognize thousands of images and videos. Google's video intelligence API allows you to catalog keywords in a video, this could be a significant SEO advantage. Google's algorithm is increasingly placing emphasis on pages that contain video content in search results. This makes it even more important for your business to adopt making videos as a part of your sales plan. 


  • Videos convert more: Adding Videos to your sales page can increase conversion by 80% more, conversion will increase if an image is replaced with a video. Videos give you a better idea of the product or service. Video viewers are more likely to understand the message being passed through a sales video. After watching your videos, customers are likely to trust you or your Brand more which in turn leads to sales.


  • Videos are easier to share: videos get about 1,200% more shares than text and image content combined. As a seller, when you offer customers Video content of your products or services, it becomes easier for these customers to share it with their friends across many social media platforms which in turn increases sales. Below we will be looking at the D2 video marketplace which also offers buyers the opportunity to share Videos of products or Services with their friends on Social media.


Benefits of Selling with Videos 

There are several marketplaces that provide platforms for sellers to highlight their offers, however, when choosing a platform to sell online, you will want to look at an all-in-one platform that readily gives you all you need to succeed as a seller. D2 video marketplace is Pakistan's largest video marketplace which offers on its platform products and services. As a seller, you will be losing so much value not being on this platform as it enables you to create Videos for your services. Tailors, Photographers, Artists, Teachers and so many others are utilizing D2 to increase their online sales. With so many buyers on D2, a seller can leverage it to have a wider reach. 


Just as we discussed at the beginning of this article, the benefits of selling with videos are immensely much, and as a seller, to benefit from this, you need a platform that allows you to highlight your services and products videos to a wide audience looking to make a purchase or hire your services. Do not wait or be left behind by your competitors who are already taking advantage of selling with videos on the D2 app. Head over to MyD2app.com to begin creating awesome content in form of videos with the help of D2’s video creator that will boost your sales with the opportunities D2 offers