Difference and similarity between D2 and Daraz

by Faran Samuel on September 30, 2022

Difference and similarity between D2 and Daraz

The E-commerce and marketplace movement is bigger than ever and only shows the potential to become bigger. When we look at the preview of e-commerce in Pakistan, D2 and Daraz stands out as a major player in the marketplace.

Difference and Similarity between Daraz and D2

D2 and Daraz are a marketplace providing visitors with the ability to browse through available products listed for sale through each company's storefront. While D2 and Daraz have both evolved over time to meet their customer’s needs, there are notable differences between the two marketplaces. D2 and Daraz differ in terms of models, they both offer their products to customers differently.



  • D2 and Daraz are among the notable marketplaces in Pakistan.
  • D2 and Daraz attract footfall to their sites and provide them with the opportunity to browse available products and make a purchase.



Customer Reach in Both Platforms.

Both marketplaces may be a few years into the Pakistan market. however, in a short space of time, they have both grown to become market leaders. Daraz was formed in the year 2015 while D2 was created in the year 2019. However, these two marketplaces in the year 2022 can boast a lot of customers visiting their marketplace to make purchases.

Better Customer Approach

D2 values its customers a lot. We don’t want to pester them with spam messages. With a limited and minimal amount of messages, we offer them to enjoy the exclusive discount product pricing that is only offered at D2.

In addition to that our customer support team is extremely proactive and supportive. They are always ready to go beyond the requirements to improve the customer experience.

D2 - Video Powered Marketplace

D2 is primarily a video marketplace that facilitates the sales of goods and services. Buyers visit the site or D2 App to search for products or services they want to buy while D2 presents their search not just in picture listing but gives them the opportunity to view this listing through video of the products or services uploaded on the platform. This essentially cuts down the need to make returns and have a bad product experience.

Conversely, Daraz is a direct seller of goods through their merchants’ listings and presents such listings in a simple picture format. They do not give their customers the video visual view of products listed on their site the way D2 presents theirs.

Lifestyle Services Selling

One of the biggest features that we D2 can boast of is the Lifestyle Services Selling. D2 is offering its customers to hire sellers for their lifestyle service needs as well. No need to google or call someone to look for a recommendation. They can simply watch videos of the sellers and they can pick one after watching their videos – without a bit of hassle.

Seller Registration Process

In contrast to Daraz, becoming a seller on D2 is a pretty straightforward process, be it as a product seller or a service seller, D2 is video visual Focused, a skilled creator will have to make an introductory video for whatever product or service they wish to sell. They will then have to post a such video in the relevant category. Once done, the skilled creator will have to keep updating their account with different videos of them showcasing the product or explaining their services. Once a buyer becomes interested in their product or service they can then chat up the skilled creator through a chat box or contact them via phone. Once everything is agreed upon transaction can then take place.


Which platform has the edge over the other?

D2 and Daraz are definitely a marketplace worth engaging with whether as a buyer or a seller however both platforms have notable differences and that is where one of the platforms outranks the other.

Daraz app is just like most traditional e-commerce platforms such as OLX, JOMO, and the like which present the basic shopping experience to their customers however D2 prides itself as the first and only video-based community and marketplace for skilled creators and their customers. D2 Identified a gap D2 created a platform where skilled lifestyle creators can offer their services while promoting their businesses and showing their skills and engaging their customers through interesting profile videos.

This and many more differentiates D2 from similar marketplace already in the market as they seek to give everyone a sense of belonging either as a buyer or a seller on their platform.


While we have given you a breakdown of both platforms, discussing where one outranks the other, and which offers a different approach to the ever-advancing e-commerce sector, it is inevitable, that the e-commerce business will continue to thrive. More and more advanced processes and systems will be introduced creating a platform where buyers can easily make informed decisions and purchase hence why we tilt towards the D2 marketplace, they have shown commitment towards revolutionizing the marketplace in Pakistan as they continue to introduce cut-edge ideas and tech to make buying and selling on their platform a rewarding process.