Difference and Similarities between D2, Upwork and Fiverr

by Faran Samuel on October 10, 2022

Are you considering freelancing? Platforms like D2, Fiverr, or Upwork are a great place to find those offering their skills as freelancers, anywhere you find yourself, these platforms bring together people with a wide variety of skill sets and connect them to paying customers. Access to high-quality services is no longer a limit irrespective of where you are. 

Where best fits you will depend on a variety of factors including your project needs, budgets, requirements, etc. 

To consider which platform to use, you just look into the following. 

1) How does D2 work 

2) How does Upwork work  

3) How does Fiverr work 

Difference and Similarities between fiverr, upwork and D2

How does D2 work? 

D2 is Pakistan's largest video-based marketplace that is focused on lifestyle service provision. It offers opportunities to service sellers such as Tailors, Photographers, Tutors, Singers, etc., to offer their skills for sale. You can hire any of these skilled creators on D2 by simply checking out their profiles and the videos of the service being rendered by these skilled creators. D2 also offers a category of physical products where sellers can list the physical products they have for sale. 

It is free to join D2, the marketplace offers so many benefits to both its skilled creators and buyers on the platform. As skilled creators, D2 offers you a marketplace where you have access to millions of customers who visit the platform to either buy services, not products. 

As a buyer, you enjoy a platform that gives you access to thousands of Skilled creators, you can save through the best and settle for the service that best fits your needs. 

How does Upwork work? 

You can use the Upwork platform as a client or a freelancer as well. Clients create job postings in the talent marketplace, hire freelancers to work, and purchase services in the project catalog.  

Freelancers on Upwork provide one of more than 90 available services such as graphic designing, copywriting, etc. They submit proposals for freelance jobs posted by clients. Freelancers can also list one-off services like logo design etc. Once you find the right match coming to an agreement is as simple as clicking a button. Everything you need to take care of project management, sourcing, hiring, billing and payment is located right inside of Upwork. 

There is no upfront cost to use Upwork talent marketplace. When clients complete a purchase, they pay a standard 3% transaction fee and when freelancers collect their earnings, they pay an Upwork service fee ranging from 5% to 20% based on the overall lifestyle value of the freelancer’s work with a single client. The longer a freelancer and a client work together, the lower the fee gets. 

How does Fiverr work? 

Fiverr is another popular marketplace, Fiverr refers to clients as buyers and freelancers as sellers, you can sign up on Fiverr as a buyer, or seller of both. Sellers are Fiverr’s freelancers who create packaged services called gigs and list them for sale. Sellers also respond to buyers’ request even before placing order. 

Buyers browse and purchase gigs from sellers, buyers can also reach out to sellers for a customized gig or submit a request for help. 

There are no initial fees to use Facebook beer core features, instead, sellers pay a constant 20% commission to Fiverr on all earnings. Buyers pay a minimum of 5.5% fee on each transaction. 

By default, Fiverr gigs are a one-time purchase, the Fiverr gig model isn't structured to support ongoing work but you can extend contracts through the repurchase of the previously ordered gig multiple times. 




D2 pricing Hiring skilled creators on D2 can be quite affordable due to the never-ending discounts offered by skilled creators on the platform. It is 100% free to buy a service on the D2 marketplace. 

Upwork pricing - Upwork pricing for services may be considered expensive compared to D2 as the charges of freelancers on the platform sometimes can be quite high. And also as a client, you pay a 3% payment processing fee when you make your order. 

Fiverr pricing- Fiverr gigs can be considered quite very affordable, however, the platform charges seem to be considered high l. As a freelancer, Fiverr charges 20% on all gigs you sell and also charges clients 5.5% on all purchases a customer makes on the platform. 



D2 work quality- D2 platform is an embodiment of the most skilled professionals in Pakistan, this allows the platform to give clients access to quality work. Most designers, tailors or photographers on the platform are award-willing specialists in their field, so when you order service on D2, you are certain to get quality work. 

Upwork work quality- the Upwork marketplace is quite very strict in accepting freelancers, only too rated freelancers are allowed on the platform, this is why in most situations, you are certain to get quality jobs. And also Upwork allows freelancers to bid, when a client post a job, the client is able to pick the best freelancer from the proposals the client receives. 

Fiverr work quality- the Fiverr community is one that is often tagged with affordability, this is because customers can get jobs done for as low as $5, which makes it cheap, but oftentimes, cheap comes with low-quality work. Fiverr has freelancers who offer low-quality jobs likewise they have freelancers who offer top-quality work, however, this may not come at a cheap price. 

In conclusion, Upwork and Fiverr are platforms that offer a chance for earning on their websites but they charge for their services, but D2 is a platform that offers to sell the service sot the buyers without charging a fee as it allows the seller to meet the buyer and collect payment from them directly. So a platform that gives you a chance to keep all your earnings without asking for a share seems like a natural choice.