Daraz 11.11 has been full of scams

by Faran Samuel on November 01, 2022

The ease of online purchase does not come without its own risk, in fact getting scammed by sellers on several e-commerce stores in Pakistan is becoming a norm, the scams come in several ways, it can be sellers making us buy products for higher than the market price or being scammed by selling fake products to us and delivering it as though it is the authentic one.

Daraz.pk 11.11 sale scam  

 A situation once happened when a buyer on Daraz had seen a hard drive listed for sale, the cost of the hard drive was Rs 8,426 when he ordered it, and it was supposed to be delivered to his house based on cash on delivery, this buyer stated that he was in his office when he received a message from a courier service telling him his order will be delivered at his house shortly, on getting home, his order had already been received and payment made, only to later find out that the seller had delivered just a hard drive case instead of the hard drive itself, the case could not be more than Rs. 500 and yet the seller took Rs. 8,426 from him, a lot of unscrupulous sellers do this to defraud unsuspecting buyers, these sellers have so much infiltrated into Daraz 11.11 sales to the point that it is so hard to tell between genuine sellers and scam sellers. 


Daraz.pk 11.11 sale scamDaraz.pk 11.11 sale scam


Daraz has continued to promote its 11.11 sales despite the continuous fire from the public. this has come as a surprise despite Daraz being seen as one of the biggest online stores in Pakistan especially after they were acquired by Alibaba in 2018. Even after this, Daraz has continued to ignore the complaints of its customers. Many buyers have publicly called them out on social media platforms pointing out the scam that is being run under their platform, several buyers have stated how prices of products are inflated way above the prices on other platforms, and then create a slash as though they are offered a discount despite not offering any at all. 


Daraz 11.11 sale scam


We will be discussing below shortly an alternative online store where you are able to buy with 100% assurance. however, before that, it is important we point out certain things to watch out for to avoid buying from scam sellers because the Daraz 11.11 fraud is real, a lot of people are losing their hard-earned money to the fraud, so it is very imperative proper caution is taken. Please read the following pointers to look out for below. 

 daraz 11.11 frauddaraz 11.11 sale fraud


  1. If the offer looks too good to be true: When the price of a product is unbelievably low, you should be suspicious because sadly when the price seems too good to be true, chances are it is not true. Swindle sellers use low prices to lure shoppers to quickly sell fake products or even no products at all. 
  2. Never pay before seeing your product: Scam sellers do try to woo buyers to pay for products before delivery as they know that once you have paid, they can choose to deliver to you an inferior product or choose not to deliver any product at all as they now have your money with them. Therefore, a trusted e-commerce store in Pakistan should have the option of paying on delivery. An example of such a store is D2 (myd2app.com) marketplace, you can opt to pay upon delivery.
  3. Do not contact Sellers outside the platform: Many a time when communicating with a swindle seller, they try to get you off the platform and then suggest a different platform for communication, that way they cannot be monitored on the store you initially initiated the purchase from. This is a big red flag as you are most definitely going to be defrauded.
  4. Seller Ratings: Most buying platforms allow previous buyers to offer reviews and ratings to sellers they have patronized, with this, it is easy to tell if a seller is legit when they have lots of positive reviews, but a seller whose profile is filled with lots of bad reviews is not worth patronizing.

Daraz.pk is already working on the efforts to control its sellers to avoid scams and frauds and we hope it can achieve this soon as this brings a lot of shame on the company and country.  

Myd2app.com - Best platform to buy free from fraud 

As a buyer, the question that should be asked is why buy from a store filled with scammers when you can purchase your product or even services from an alternative platform that pays better attention to its customers? D2 is without a doubt the best online store in Pakistan as it offers its customers superb products and services. As an online buyer, the first thing that should be paramount to you is the safety and security of the store you are buying from. are you protected as a buyer? Do you get quality products on the platform? Is it free from frauds? If all these questions cross your mind, then the answer is yes, D2 has many customer-friendly policies which safeguard their rights and has the most active customer support which is available 24/7 to help you out in case you have any grievance, or any information is required. Having a reason to complain is unlikely, however, if you do at any time, you have their customer service ever ready to help you as they believe customers come first.  

Moving forward as an online buyer, you can make your next purchase hassle-free by going over to myd2app.com to make your purchase and you will never have to worry about scam sellers again because you will have access to the best and most affordable products on D2.