D2 Video Marketplace is the Future of e-commerce in Pakistan

by Faran Samuel on September 27, 2022

Electronic Commerce” commonly known as E-commerce – is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmission of finances or data, over an electronic network, basically the internet. E-commerce powered by the internet enables customers to access an online store to browse through and place orders for things or services via their own devices.  


In recent times, an e-commerce platform like D2 has chipped into the world of online retail. It’s a one-of-a-kind platform which is offering not just the products on its platform but also services. And the one feature that sets it apart from the rest of the platforms is its unique feature which allows the customers to watch videos of a product before they put in an order. This allows them to have a unique and novel shopping experience. This would mean lesser time spent hassling on product returns and more time on actual shopping.  

Hence - We are making shopping fun again.  


Similarly, how many times it happens that a service seller is needed to be hired, and there comes this conundrum of how to find one? A friend is called for recommendations or some other form of searching is undertaken and one seller is eventually engaged. And when the moment of truth arrives - when the service is finally delivered, the job is botched hard. If D2 is put in this scenario, the seller will be there on the platform with his video intro and all the jobs that he/she has done as proof of his expertise and excellence. This essentially entails that all the risks and dangers of hiring someone blindly or on a recommendation based on hearsay are taken out of the equation.  

And then comes the sellers, D2 is giving a video platform to Skilled Creators/service sellers of Pakistan a chance to promote their services on a platform that has the potential of millions of buyers. What D2 video marketplace offers is an easy utilization of their skills to skilled creators. That too in a video form – a form that has proven itself to be more effective than any other when it comes to business promotion. And by joining a platform like the D2 video marketplace, they have the big stage set to go off by simply posting appealing and intriguing videos for people to watch and interact with.  

No more waiting to monetize your skills, once you join the platform, the possibility of someone offering to hire you for your skills the next day is very much there. Whether you are a tailor or a beautician or tutor or a fitness trainer, a tour operator or you are operating in the event management business, there is a buyer for you on D2.  


     Here are premium reasons you should make D2 your choice of marketplace:  

  1. D2 has an easy representation of its products and services in a video form 
  1. They're available 24/7, enabling guests to browse and shop at any time.
  1. While shoppers in a physical store can be deterred by crowds, the D2 marketplace runs snappily, which is determined by cypher and bandwidth considerations on both the consumer device and the commerce point. Product and shopping cart pages load in a few seconds or less and purchases can be executed in a few clicks. 
  1. D2 marketplace enables brands to make a wide array of products available, which are also packed from a storehouse or various warehouses after a purchase is made. Buyers will probably have further success finding what they want. 
  2. Clients shopping in another marketplace may have difficulty locating a particular product. D2 clients can browse product order pages in real time and use the point's search point to find the product or service they need instantaneously. 
  1. With the D2 marketplace, businesses can retail to anyone who can access the web it has a mobile phone because D2 has a superb D2 app that can be found on Google play store or Apple store as well as a website that offers a complete eCommerce solution.
  1. D2 has Open Parcel Policy which offers you to open the parcel before paying up so you make sure you are getting the same product as you had ordered. 
  1. Another policy that D2 follows is the Price Beating Policy which allows you to let D2 know if someone is offering a similar product in D2 at a lower price. And D2 will beat that price. 
  1. D2’s customer service is also world-class. If any customer has any feedback, complaint, or query they are free to call and share it with our customer support team td their query will be resolved within minutes. 
  1. D2 also offers cash on delivery if you are not willing to pay up via online payment methods. 

D2 Video Marketplace is among the top-visited marketplaces in Pakistan. With hordes of customers flogging the website and with over one million app downloads on the play store and similar figures in the apple store it is no doubt one of the market leaders in the marketplace in Pakistan. 

When the user joins the app, then signs up on it as a buyer or a skilled creator. The creator will then make an introductory video for the product or service they are offering and then post it in the category if he registers as a skilled creator. Once done, the skilled creator will also have to regularly keep posting different videos of him showing him or her being the master of their art and keeping their followers engaged. Once a buyer becomes interested in their services, they can also interact with the skilled creator through conversation and communicate with them via phone, once everything is agreed upon, they can engage in the transaction of services. In the case of a buyer, they will have the option to explore the business introductory videos of different skilled creators in the marketplace section as well as watch their profile videos in the Showcase section.  

D2 video marketplace is the go-to app for Pakistani skilled creators to engage buyers and deliver superior service deals. In addition to operating in the services industry, they've lately ventured into offering products on their e-commerce platform as well where people make informed decisions regarding their purchase, rather than going in blindly to buy a product or a service. When people come to D2 they will get to see the product in a video that will review the product in a 360- degree review while speaking of the features and its potential benefit and in the case of a service seller, a video profile of the service seller that shows his/her skill level. 


Summarizing the entire discussion, D2 is set to revolutionize the world of eCommerce with its clutter-breaking technology and idea. The Pakistani customer will experience online shopping like never before.