D2 - The Largest Network of Tailors in Pakistan

by Faran Samuel on October 04, 2022


If you are looking for the most premium network of tailors in Pakistan, then you are at the right platform. Get the smooth and simplest way to access the largest network of stylish tailors in Pakistan with D2. Fashion is one of the pivotal aspects of our society, specifically now. Everyone strives for distinction and modern-day acceptance when it comes to fashion. Although everybody has worn a cloth in their life, not everyone has worn real tailoring. mass delivered two- pieces of a bespoke or made-to-measure sample drafted by a tailor is a work of art for your body, with educated hands constantly several generations deep painstakingly measuring, cutting, and sewing fabric into form-befitting body armor.  

 In the modern world present, tailoring is piece by piece reaching a farther height in fashion, which has made it to get most competitive. This has been minced into the fact that a lot of people now wear good styles of attire, which are produced by these career professionals. On a whole, Cloth stitching is gathering knowledge about fashion trends, sketching, choosing colors, cloth, styles, arrangements, apparel, and accessories. The entire composition of cloth sewing from the selection of materials to putting the ins and outs is done by the tailors. These Tailors strive to stitch clothes in varied styles and form them to be aesthetically pleasing. The classified work of tailors is seen from how they work within a wide range of materials, colors, designs, and styles. In Pakistan, there are legion of these tailors who have formed names for themselves in the industry.  

D2 - Largest Network of Tailors in Pakistan


Here are the largest networks of tailors in Pakistan ; 

Suhas Tailor  

Suhas Tailor is a top tailor in Johar Town, Lahore that creates a set of exclusive designs for each customer to ensure the perfect fit and distinctive attire for each client fit.  

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Abdul Wahab Tailory  

Abdul Wahab Tailory is located at Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore and is one of the celebrated names in the area with respect to Tailoring in the country. Abdul is quite renowned in the area with his excellence in his craft and elaborate knowledge of textiles and design and design-cutting proficiency he has been suitable to the taste of the local audience.  

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Maheen Tailors  

Maheen Tailors is an intelligent tailor who uses her brand to fissure womanish attire. Located at Wapda Town, Lahore, and the advice on style and cloth options before taking measures and makes certain the cloth is well fitted to ensure the most perfect look.  

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Irmani Talar  

Located at Johar Town, Lahore, Irmani Talar is a creative tailor known for his collection of varied patterns, rich textures, and varied colors of his designs.  

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M Nouman Tailor  

M Nouman Tailor is located in Cantt, Lahore and is a tailor that has been stitching for quite some time now. He has earned good followership due to his amazing styles and designs, steady hand, and the capability to pay concentration to detail and be imaginative in his work.  

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Zaroon Tailor is well known for paying attention to his craft and being even in his cuts, getting out a master piece. He is located at Wapda Town, Lahore. 

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Sadiqui Tailor is known for making glamorous and majestic apparel for men and women and has gained recognition and attention for being regularly patronized by celebrities and is located at Johar Town, Lahore  

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Shaakir Tailor is popular for his assortment of both simple and smart Pakistan styles. Located at Wapda Town, Lahore he has a collection of good designs. Through vigorous work and specialty, he has earned himself the confidence of the localites. 

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Ashraf G Boutique and Lehnga House  

Ashraf G Boutique and Lehnga House is a meticulous tailor located at Chungi Amar Sadhu, Lahore, 

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Rohan Rohan 

Located at Orangi Town, Karachi, Rohan is a creative tailor whose expertise lies in children’s stitching. The collection of Rohan’ apparel comes in varied patterns, rich textures, and assorted colors.  

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Muhammad Yousaf 

Muhamamd Yousaf Tailors is located at Karachi and is one of the names that are known at Tariq Road when it comes to getting designer suits stitched in Karachi. He has proficiency over embroidered suits as well as plain, all fabrics and cuts.  

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Salwah Fatima  

Salwah Fatima is a trusted names when it comes to traditional dresses stitiching especially Gharara, Sharara etc. Located in Karachi he advises on style and textile options before taking measures and makes certain the cloth is well-fitted to ensure the perfect look.  

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With D2 the Skilled Tailors of Pakistan come and promote their services on a platform that beforehand has millions of buyers to buy services from. What D2 offers is an easy donation of their skills. That too in a videotape form, a form that has formerly proven itself to be more productive than any other when it comes to business elevation. And by joining a platform like D2 they have the big platform set to progress off on by purely posting engaging and interesting videos for people to observe and interact with. For the merchandisers, the ease of being able to find thousands of clients on the tip of their fingers makes their life so much easier.