D2 Suit Stitching Made Easy by D2

by Faran Samuel on October 24, 2022

The expression “Pakistani suit” refers to artistic apparel worn by people in Pakistan and those of Pakistani heritage. Pakistani apparel reflects Pakistani culture, race, and indigenous societies similar as Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashtun, and Kashmiri societies. Each indigenous culture’s apparel reflects the weather, manner of life, and specific style that gives it a distinct identity across all societies. Because of the pre-partition culture that these two countries participated for thousands of years, Pakistani and Indian apparel is veritably alike. Traditional Pakistani apparel shares correspondences with artistic groups from Central Asia and the Iranian plateau, such as Turkic cultural groups (i.e. Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Turkmens) and Iranian ethnical groups( Tajiks, Khorasani Persians, and Pashtoons), who were separated from the societies of ultramodern- day Pakistan during the Durand agreement between Afghanistan and the British Raj. Pakistanis, particularly in large metropolises, are conforming ultramodern clothes and cultural apparel as time passes.  

The shalwar kameez is Pakistan’s public dress, worn by people throughout the country’s four provinces Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, and Azad Kashmir. The Shalwar Qameez is worn differently in each province. Pakistanis dress in a variety of ways, according to the colors and fabrics used (silk, chiffon, cotton,etc.). 


Suit Stitching made Easy by D2 

Suit Tailors available on D2  

Yaqoob Tailor  

Located in New Samanabad, Lahore, Yaqoob Tailors are the best and most affordable brands to contact for your suit stitching. They have conducted fashion shows and have a high repute in Pakistan. Place an order today to get a discount on your suits.  


Adnan Tailor  

Adnan Tailors are located at Gawalmandi in Lahore, Pakistan. They are well known for formulating beautiful designer suits and for their cleverness in their crafts. Place an order today to get a discount on your suits.  


Shukar Tailor  

These Tailors strive to suture suits in varied styles and form them to be aesthetically pleasing. They are in Awan Town, Lahore. They have earned a lot of awards due to their capability in creating suits. Place an order today to get a discount on your suits.  


Sabri Tailor  

Located at Mehar Fayaz Colony in Lahore he has a collection of superintendent and unique designs for suits stitching. Through industriousness and specialty, he has made his brand to be well known in Pakistan. Place an order today to get a discount on your suits.  


Tailor Point  

Tailor point is located at New Samanabad in Lahore, Pakistan and is popular through his celebrity guests for always matching up to his customers satisfaction. Place an order today to get a discount on your suits.  


Waqas Tailor  

Waqas Tailor focuses on making suits using Pakistans traditional materials, he is well known for his proficiency and is in Awan Town Lahore in Pakistan. Place an order today to get a discount on your suits.  


D2 Stitching Service also offers  

  • Best Quality They deliver the stylish quality suits to every order placed, drafted with love and creativity 
  • Money Back Guarantee There is a money back guarantee if you ’re not satisfied with what you ’re given but they ’ll be no need for that as they deliver the top most quality 
  • Timely Delivery D2 stitching service delivers right on time and will give no issues or concern during delivery 
  • Best Prices D2 stitching service is always ranking top for their affordable prices even when giving value and for giving abatements regularly. 

D2 includes stitching of  

  • 2 Pc suit
  • Lawn, Cotton & Linen suits 
  • Delivery in 10 working days 
  • Free Pickup & Delivery 

 Qualities of a good Pakistan stitching  

  • High- quality fabrics are being used on Pakistani formal and party dresses. Due to the high demand and the quality of concerned clients, the fabric grade should be loftiest to satisfy these guests. Other materials used on the party suits like sequins, globules, diamantes, dabka, cora, and threads should be of great quality as well. 
  • The Pakistani party dresses should be exclusive in aesthetics and style. You must not see any other person around you wearing a analogous dress. This gives you a feeling that the dress is especially made for you considering your requirements and demands. 

In addition to quality, continuity is also a veritably important fact in choosing the right formal dress. These suits are precious, so they should also last long as compared to non-engraved clothes. Better quality accoutrements used on the designer apparel assures that they last for a long time.  

  • The fitting is an important aspect of any designer party dresses, these suits are made on a custom befitting base, thus they must look fitted from every angle. In addition to good fitting, they should also be comfortable. 
  • Designer and formal dresses depict a class of their own. The educated makers workday and night to add fine details on the designer dresses.


   Pakistani suits come in different style and fabric but what stands out is the Field suits from Pakistan. The quality of the fabric is airy, light- weight, smooth- textured that makes it ideal for all the seasons but preferred for summers. The light- weight and comfortability that cotton field suits offer is the most promising point that makes it infectious. What keeps it in demand is its universal reach across the social and profitable peak. The price range is vast, makes it accessible to people belonging to different socio- profitable backgrounds. From the simple and elegant printed cotton lawn for day-to-day use to embroidered party wear all get covered in the umbrella term of Pakistani(field) suit. D2 is the best platform and e-commerce in Pakistan to sell and buy your suits. 

 D2 is giving a videotape platform to the Skilled Creators of Pakistan to come and promote their services on a platform that formerly has thousands of buyers to buy services from.What D2 offers is an easy presentation of their skills  in a video form  And by joining a platform like D2 they have the big stage set to explode on by simply posting engaging and interesting videos for people to watch and interact with. 

For the sellers, the ease of being able to find thousands of skilled creators on the tip of their fingers makes their life so much easier. Not just finding them but also being able to make an informed decision since they will be able to judge the creators based on their profile videos highlighting their skills and having a quick chat.