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by Faran Samuel on September 24, 2022

The way people shop daily is changing, people no longer want to take the stress of going to the brick and mortar stores to shop because either they are too busy to find time for that or they just don’t want to leave the comfort of their home, and it doesn't end there as they also want their products delivered to them fast.

Fast Delivery with D2

Every company endeavours to establish a solid and strong customer-client connection, offering loyalty programs, discounts, and excellent customer service. High-end quality goods and services may help create the customer image of being trustworthy and reliable. While there are lots of techniques that may catch the attention of customers, there is certainly one that serves to enhance the likelihood of a quick buy from a customer and that is – Fast Delivery.



1) Customer Satisfaction - To meet the needs of customers who are unable to wait or can't make it to a physical shop, fast delivery is very valuable. Customer satisfaction will be higher if they can place a purchase and receive their products on the same day or just within a few days. When a purchase is streamlined to an individual buyer, customers feel more satisfied.

D2 offers complete satisfaction when it comes to fast deliveries with its Cash-On-Delivery Service and Open Parcel Policy and Price-Beating policy.

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2) Foster Better Relationships - The strength and backbone of any successful company is its happy customer base. Offering fast delivery makes organizations reach this goal. Dependability

and professionalism are promoted through fast delivery. Customers find out how important their purchase or their time is when they are treated with absolute care.

D2 values its customer above everything and wants to have a relationship with its customers that not only satisfies them rather delights them.

3) No Friction In A Purchase Decision - The biggest hurdle facing e-commerce is the excessively long wait periods for products. When products are delivered expressly, it mitigates this disadvantage. Because of this, fast delivery has proven to increase customers’ online purchasing decisions, and reducing cart abandonment is another benefit of quick delivery.


4) Lower Inventory Cost - When utilizing a fast delivery process, sellers are able to store less inventory over a period of time. Because the stock is able to enter and exit the warehouse quickly. This is due to the efficiency of the stock process.


5) Faster Performance - In the process from which a product is ordered to the point which it gets to the final use a lot of activities take place. With faster delivery, those involved in the chain processes for which buyers are able to receive fast delivery become more efficient as they start to perform their functions faster.


6) Maintaining A Competitive Edge. With so many businesses offering fast delivery and other advantages, it is critical to provide things that competitors do not. You will be able to compete with other companies in the same industry offering similar services.


7) Convenience. It is clear that convenience is essential to many customers or buyers. With 80% of buyers saying convenience is a top priority for a positive customer experience. But what exactly constitutes convenient delivery in the first place, ultimately something is deemed to be a convenient option for delivery when it best meets a person's need. That means being able to choose what you want when you want it, and where you want it. For some, that means the ability to provide fast delivery. But at different times as a buyer, you have come across a product or service you desire so very much and quickly but due to the fact that the time frame stated as the delivery period is so long, we change our minds about getting it because we cannot wait that long to have it. In such a situation, a platform that offers faster delivery will not only prompt us to make a purchase but to also save such as the marketplace as our favorite shopping platform.


This is where the D2 marketplace shines as the platform has sellers who offer the fastest delivery in the industry. D2 marketplace is a location-based seller platform. What this means is that you can order a product or service on the platform and have someone who is in close proximity to your location to deliver the product or offer the service you require quickly and efficiently, because they are centered in your immediate location.

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D2 Marketplace – The Marketplace with Fastest Delivery Speed

D2 - Pakistan’s Biggest Video – Powered Marketplace where not only products are sold and bought but also services can be offered to be sold.

Aside from the service category, D2 also offers products in the beauty category, electronics, herbal healthcare, imported watches, and men’s and women’s fashion and the prices are extremely low as well. The policies that D2 has in addition to providing fast deliveries are extremely customer-centric and customer friendly as well.

In addition to this, the unique selling feature of D2 is its video review and intro of products and services. It really is a breath of fresh air in the Pakistani eCommerce scene. D2 is determined to revolutionize the online shopping experiences of Pakistanis