D2 - Place to shop online with lower price products

by Faran Samuel on October 14, 2022

If you are not familiar with D2, here is a quick rundown, it is the biggest video-powered marketplace in Pakistan. It is a huge platform with thousands of sellers offering products and services such as hiring tutors, tailors, photographers, and so on. Its physical product niche is also enormous offering several gadgets, wristwatches, and health products.  

Just like similar platforms like Daraz mall etc. you can find about anything else there. It provides a marketplace for sellers to display their products and services to get buyers.  

D2 - Best Video Marketplace to shop online



 When you browse the products and services on D2, you notice right away that many of the prices for products and services are low and yet the quality of such products is high. That must make you wonder how the prices are so low on D2 as compared to other websites selling related products. Let us tell you how D2 is making this possible by explaining to you the model that D2 is following to bring down the prices.  
  • Lots of Discounts - Regularly, for both products and services, D2 offers lots of discounts to their customers. Such discounts quickly draw a huge crowd to D2’s website. Any time you tell a customer that he can save money, you are most likely to get their attention, and this is what D2 has mastered. These discounts do not only help the buyer, but it ends up giving the seller a lot of benefits since the more discount they offer, the more sales they make and more sales translate to more profit for the seller. Whatever way you look at this, it is a win-win for both the buyer and the sellers.  
  • Buying Directly from The Seller - When you buy any service on D2, you are buying directly from the seller, which means there are no intermediaries, brokers, or agent fees, this way you can get a direct discount from the sellers. You can also easily chat with the seller to negotiate the cost of a product or service you want to purchase. This is not something that is enabled on all platforms, with this as a buyer you can easily beat down the price of any product or service you are ordering.  
  • Buying from Experts - Every seller on D2 is a skilled professional, they have years of experience in their field, what this means is that they are also good at what they do. That enables them to be able to give the best market price and yet still offer the best quality while doing so.  
  • Location-Based Sellers - D2 is focused on the Pakistani market, it, therefore, has created a model for Buyers to easily have access to the sellers directly at their desired location. This creates an economical model where the sellers from any location will be able to offer their services at a rate that would be hard for a seller from a distant location to beat.  


All Big Businesses have come to the realization today that mobile platforms are the future of electronic transactions and shopping. Therefore there is a trend of most e-commerce or marketplace building their mobile application.  

 As the number of handheld devices in the world continues to grow, it only makes sense to take advantage of this. Buyers are looking for the easiest and the most stress-less method in which they can make purchases and D2 offers a robust mobile application in which buyers can have a real-time view of sellers’ several products and services they are interested in. buyers do not need to spend lots of hours researching online to get the best deals as they can simply access the D2 Mobile app on their smartphones and get the best deals available on the platform.  

When looking for places to shop online, for the best prices, we oftentimes fall victim to fake products that are of the lowest quality which in turn does not bring value for the money invested. However, one certain way we have realized you cannot go wrong is by making your purchase on D2 as they do not compromise low-cost shopping for quality. You are certain that on D2, you are not only getting low-cost products or services but you are also getting top-quality products or services from industry experts.  

D2 - let us make shopping fun again!