D2 – Pakistan’s largest video Commerce for services

by Faran Samuel on September 28, 2022

D2 is a marketplace that allows users to find and connect with sellers who offer services and products. The marketplace offers a wide variety of services and products as well as several user-profiles and videos. The D2 marketplace allows service sellers to post videos highlighting or demonstrating their skills, services, or products. As a customer, you can send the service sellers messages directly on the platform and review their profiles and the projects that they have undertaken. D2 has an interface that is easy to use. if you are in Pakistan, the D2 marketplace makes it easy for you to access services without leaving your home. These service sellers are widely available in Pakistan irrespective of your location. 

 D2 - Pakistan's Largest Video Commerce up for services

The D2 marketplace is the largest video Commerce platform in Pakistan had seen the need for service sellers to earn a living from their skills, D2 marketplace makes it easy for the service sellers to earn while simply doing what they are good at.  


What type of marketplace is D2? 

D2 is an online marketplace where people can find and buy services or products online. It is a great resource for finding small businesses and entrepreneurs who offer unique and innovative services. There are a variety of skill creators on D2 such as photographers, tutors, beauticians, musicians, event planners, tour operators and so many other categories.  


How do you make purchase on D2? 

When you sign up to have an account on D2, you have access to several categories of offers on the platform. There are featured service sellers, you can also search for specific products or services through the search box. when you find the service you wish to order, D2 marketplace allows you to see videos of the sellers and then chat with the seller directly, and agree on specifications and prices before making your order. 

D2 provides a cash-on-delivery shopping experience where a buyer gets to pay for products when the product is delivered to the customer. This makes purchasing on the D2 marketplace very safe and free of risk as customers are secure from losing their money in a case where sellers try to act shady. This makes the D2 marketplace a complete one-of-a-kind in the Pakistani market and different from many other e-commerce stores where you must pay before seeing the product you want to buy. 

There are a lot of swindle sites or marketplaces that make purchasing online a nightmare for buyers due to fraudulent sellers, however, it is impossible to experience such on the D2 marketplace. D2 vets and enrolls only trusted sellers on their platform. These are sellers who are professionals and have been selling their crafts or skills for so many years. 

Fast delivery is another benefit the D2 marketplace brings to the Pakistan market. Ordering products online and having them delivered extremely late is what a lot of buyer’s experience when shopping on e-commerce platforms. But when we look at the shopping and delivery process on D2, it is quite impressive. The D2 marketplace offers its customers, location-based sellers, what this means is that in your very location, there is a seller who can offer you the product or service you wish to purchase, this allows the period for delivery to be short. In some cases, you can order a product and have it delivered the same day or the next day. 


Customer satisfaction: D2 takes pride in meeting the demand of their customers, aside from vetting and making sure customers have access to the best sellers of products and services in Pakistan, they also provide a seamless customer care experience. If as a buyer, you experience any form of a challenge either while using the platform or with a seller, D2 provides a 24-hour customer care contact either through email, live chat, or phone. As a buyer on D2, you are extremely important on the platform and so 100% attention is paid to seeing you extremely satisfied. 


The same goes for sellers on the D2 marketplace, the platform provides an enabling marketplace to sell your products, crafts, or Services in the most exciting way possible, you can highlight your products or Services in real-time on the platform as the platform is extremely video focused. Customers are easily persuaded to make purchases when they see a video representation of what they want to order. D2 marketplace providing this opportunity makes it easy as a seller to convert a lot of visitors on the platform into regular buyers of your products or services.  

D2 is like a breath of fresh air for Pakistani buyers who have been left not so keen on online shopping because of the constant bad experiences they had been having for years. D2 is determined to make people fall in love with online shopping again.