by Faran Samuel on September 23, 2022

Most of us are extremely cautious or careful when we buy products or services online, we examine photos closely, watch videos, read the details and only decide to shop on the site we believe to be legitimate and trustworthy. That is why it can be hard to trust any site or marketplace. But here is the thing, you can get great products and awesome services from D2 without having to worry about the quality of products, services or your information. If you have not shopped online before, you can learn how to use D2 for your purchases.

Read on to find out how to buy or sell on D2 with absolute confidence.

 D2 - Largest Video Marketplace

What is D2? D2 is Pakistan’s biggest video-powered marketplace established in 2022 as an e-commerce marketplace that works in lifestyle service provision (private service sector ) what this means is that any service seller such as a tailor, photographer, or singer, even a beautician can find buyers for their services on the platform by Simply making a video ad for their services. The same goes for physical products as well, as a buyer, you simply go through several videos of different sellers on the platform and when you find a product or service you are interested in, then you can make your order. Out of all the e-commerce companies in Pakistan, D2 has continued to pride itself as one of the best e-commerce platforms in Pakistan when it comes to user experience. D2 Can be classified as a one fits all platform that shares a lot of similarities with other platforms such as Daraz Mall, Facebook marketplace, or OLX but still is unique in its own right.

Aside from the service category, D2 also offers products in the beauty category, electronics, healthcare, watches and fashion, and much more.


Is D2 legitimate?

Yes, D2 is a legitimate and very reputable organization. Buyers purchase actual products or services and sellers receive actual payments. D2 also has protection to ensure buyers and sellers are both safe to do transactions on the platform.

How safe is D2 for buyers?

When buying products on a marketplace, the platform you choose matters a lot as it’s a matter of there are many factors affecting the whole experience. For a smooth and fulfilling online buying experience, there are 3 things you will want to consider.

1) Financial Security

2) Quality of Store (Products and Offerings)

3) Logistics & Delivery


1) Financial Security - D2 offers a payment on delivery shopping process in which buyers only pay for their products only when it has been delivered to the buyer. By so doing, the buyer is risks free of losing their money as they only pay for the products when they have physically seen it, which means they cannot be scammed of their money. This differentiates D2 from some other e-commerce stores where you have to pay for a product you are yet to see or receive. often times, many buyers complain of paying for a product on a site and after paying' they never get the product delivered to them. Such an experience is alien to those who purchase on D2 as they only pay when the product has been delivered to them.

2) Quality of Store (Products and Offerings) - Shopping online and buying products at a physical store are completely two different experiences. When you make a purchase at a physical store, oftentimes you must have seen the product and felt the quality. You can easily tell between a low-quality product to a high-quality product. You can easily decide if you want the product or not. However, this seems to be different when making an online purchase, you can hardly tell the quality of the product you want to buy. This is what differentiates D2 from a lot of other platforms. When you make a purchase, you are certain to get the best quality for your money as you can see the product’s quality on show in a video p. and in case of a service, the service seller will be there in a video showing his expertise and skills in his particular field whether it’s a tutor, tailor or a beautician.


3) Logistics & Delivery - We have all come across a certain product or service we so much desire to have as quickly as possible, however, due to the delivery time, we got discouraged because of the long time frame it will take before getting the product. This is the specific issue D2 has identified and tries to make sure that it doesn't occur when someone shops on their platform.

The platform is known to offer free deliveries for their products and if you are ordering for a service, you'd be surprised how quick and efficient the service delivered will be.


Without a doubt, there are several online stores and marketplaces around the globe, however, D2 has managed to make itself unique and to stand out amongst many others. We are definitely certain D2 lives up to expectations.