D2 - Offers Location-based Sellers in Pakistan

by Faran Samuel on October 17, 2022

Ever found yourself in a situation where you need to buy a product or need service urgently but all those that can offer the product or service are far away from your location? We have all found ourselves in similar situations and most probably could not get what we wanted at that moment due to the unavailability of sellers around us for the product or service we needed. This is a situation that has been identified by the D2 marketplace, irrespective of your location, D2 makes the availability of location-based sellers who can deliver products ordered quickly, or in the case of service, it makes the service seller readily available in your location.  

Especially in the post-Covid 19 Scenario, where it is safer to stay at home rather than go outdoors and put yourself in danger of exposure to contracting any related complications, a marketplace like D2 that offers to bring many lifestyle services under one roof is a feat.  

Now you can get a facial or a manicure or pedicure, find a tutor or get yourself into shape or even order a suit stitching without leaving the comfort of your house. This and so many other categories that are being introduced on a regular basis will make D2 your go-to app for finding any service provider now and in the future.  

How D2 works 

D2 is a Pakistani video marketplace that offers location-based sellers to buyers in Pakistan, they offer product and lifestyle services such as tailoring, photography, tutoring, etc. These professionals are called skilled creators on the platform. They offer video ads of their services for buyers to scroll through. There are many instances where people want the services in different forms and shapes and the speed of the delivery is critical too. One big driver in this whole conversation is the provision of the services at the location of the service buyer. Imagine yourself in need of a beautician and you do not want to go out because of the extreme weather outside or there is no conveyance available at your disposal. In such a scenario a beautician that is available on an app such as D2 is nothing less than a miracle. This is just one example, there are countless service sellers in limitless categories available on D2.  

The best thing about these sellers is their geographic availability across multiple cities in Pakistan. A buyer can simply scroll through several video ads of different sellers on the marketplace and when these buyers find products or services that they wish to buy, they can simply make a purchase while on the app. There are several e-commerce platforms in the Pakistan market likewise any international marketplace, however, D2 has been able to carve an unbeatable niche for itself in the industry. They have continued to be the best marketplace in Pakistan, delivering quality products and services to their customers.  

D2 allows the payment for products on delivery. Buyers can pay for a product they have purchased only when the product has been delivered to their location. This enables a stress-free, risk-free buying process as buyers are sure they will get what they ordered. We have at some point seen cases where a buyer orders a product on a platform because the platform does not offer a pay-on-delivery process, the buyer must pay before getting the product in their location, and when dealing with platforms or sellers that are not genuine, the chances of losing their funds are quite high. However, D2 is a very trusted platform, likewise, it allows its customers to pay for products only when it has been delivered to them.  

The shopping experience on D2 provides the most satisfying process for buyers, buyers do not only get to pay for a delivery, but they are also certain of getting high-quality products. Quality is an aspect buyer do not compromise on as they are the ones paying for the product and likewise the ones to use the product. Some buyers prefer to shop in physical stores as they believe they can scrutinize the product they wish to buy properly. These are the things buyers on D2 do not worry about because D2 offers to watch videos before making a buying decision. These videos offer a complete review of the products and give the same confidence as looking at the product in a brick-and-mortar store.  

In the case of ordering a product from the platform like a watch, apparel, or any gadget and you need it quickly, the D2 marketplace can offer 48-72-hour delivery or in the case of a service delivery requirement same day or even a service delivery in as low as an hour is possible too.