D2 - Freelance Platform For Services in Pakistan

by Faran Samuel on September 25, 2022


A freelancer is someone who makes money on a job-to-job basis and isn't employed by just one organization but can offer their services to any organization or individual. They are at liberty to complete different jobs concurrently.

In recent years freelancing has become more popular than ever more than. One-third of people pursue it. Moreover, people aren't freelancing out of necessity. The majority deliberately choose the freelance lifestyle. This isn't surprising when you consider the benefits and freedom of being your own boss.

If you are considering breaking into the world of freelancing whether as a side hustle, a part-time job, or a full-time job, the D2 marketplace is the right place for you.

D2 - Freelance platform for services in Pakistan

Firstly, we will like to review the advantage of being a freelancer at this time.

Many that are considering venturing into freelancing worry if it is a wise choice. Perhaps you are only looking into freelancing for some extra income or maybe you are wondering if it is possible to make enough money to leave your 9 to 5 job for freelancing, well worry not as we will answer those questions in your heart by diving into the benefits of freelancing.



One of the advantages of being a freelancer is that you have much more freedom than when you work for someone else. You are essentially running your own business and it's up to you which new client you take on, what your hourly rate is and what hours you work. For example, if a potential client comes to you with a job that seems complex and doesn't pay well, you can turn them down, you are under no obligation to take on any project you don’t want.



The ability to set your own hours can be particularly attractive. If you have kids, you might choose to do your work while they are in school and after they have gone to bed. If you want to take a particular day off because you need to go attend to some family emergency and work on Saturday instead, it is entirely up to you. In general, as long as the work for your client is completed by the agreed deadline, you have complete control over when and how you do it.



Again as a freelancer, you are your own boss. You choose your workload, your schedule, your dress code and every other aspect of how you run things.

That said, freelancing isn't a vacation, it's up to you to make sure you keep your clients happy. Keep track of budgeting, seek new clients, and negotiate rates. You may find that keeping on top of everything means you work double some weeks and very little other weeks. however, it is all under your ultimate authority.



Because you aren’t bound to a single company or boss, you may be able to choose to live anywhere as a freelancer and even travel while working. While some freelance jobs may require you to be near your clients, it’s possible to find clients wherever you go.

A lot of freelance work is done digitally, which means you can be fully remote—with clients worldwide—and live and travel wherever you please while completing it.



As a freelancer, there’s no need to ask your boss for a raise. You set your rates. You also choose how much work you take on. To a certain degree, though, rates and amount of work are subject to market forces. You can’t ask for astronomical compensation without reducing your list of prospective clients.

However, many freelancers find that they can raise their rates over time as they do more work and gain a strong reputation.


Freelancing means you take on various projects from multiple clients. Each project brings something new to the table and provides an opportunity to expand your skill set. You’ll likely find yourself learning new things as you go.

You may feel more stagnant in a traditional full-time job that may not always involve continual learning and development. Freelancing provides many more opportunities for growth as you tackle a wider variety of project types.

You may also wish to enhance your skill set on your own. As a freelancer, you can choose how and when you do this instead of waiting for annual corporate training. Many online courses and opportunities are out there, and you have the freedom to make time for these as you see fit.



Freelancing allows workers to build their client base and successfully grow their own businesses. As a freelancer, you can experiment and try different services and offerings to see which ones make you more money and bring in more clients than others.



There are many approaches to starting freelancing. Some people choose to do it on the side first while still working a full-time job, and then they slowly transition to full-time freelancing as they gain clients.

Getting started and established generally requires creating a personal website where you describe your services and skills and setting up social media accounts on sites like LinkedIn so that you can connect with businesses and clients.



You can do all the above in a slow transition and all but there is another option that’s way too easier and quicker. D2 being Pakistan’s first and only video-powered marketplace makes it so much easier as the only thing that is required to put you in the freelancing circuit is just a video. A video that would introduce you as well as your services and that’s it. Just fill up the signup requirements and your account is up and running.

If you are ready to begin your freelancing journey, whether full-time or part-time, the D2 marketplace is the perfect place. D2 connects skilled creators to clients and customers on their platform. Whether you are a photographer, fitness instructor, tailor, or whatever you can think of, D2 allows you to make money by selling your skills to make money. The surest way to succeed in your freelancing career is to head over to MyD2app to sign up right now