D2 and the rise of Video Commerce

by Faran Samuel on November 14, 2022

The term video commerce is not understood by many, however, it is something we see and experience daily. Video Commerce simply means using video content to promote and sell products or services online either through social media platforms, shopping apps, or e-commerce websites. The world is evolving, population growth is skyrocketing, economies are expanding, and people's purchasing power is also increasing but so is competition amongst businesses. You may have an excellent product or service but if not rightly presented to this growing number of people, your product or service will be lost in the pool filled with so much competition. 

Rise of Video Commerce


Wider compass: A video could compass more information faster to the consumer much more quickly than reading just text or seeing images. 

  • Perceptive & Responsive: Videos constantly produce more traction and engagement. People like moving images much better than just static images.
  • East to produce: With the so much growing number of smartphone users, everyone can make a video and most of these smartphones have editing apps. So inherently, this has reduced the cost of video production.
  • Increased dwell time: most videos are between seconds to some minutes long, people stay longer watching videos, and importantly, the themes introduced in the video can be explored by the shopper.
  • Higher propensity to purchase – it was mentioned earlier, but worth pointing it out again. People who view a video, have a far greater propensity to convert.
  • Google results – one of the most popular search results in google is video searches. If you have a video on your site, you will come up in more search results, have better rankings, and have more traffic
  • Video is Social – good, well-produced videos have people featured in them, explaining your product. People relate to this, get reassured, and will share it with their friends.
  • More Shareable – people share videos. We see it on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and many other platforms all the time. If it is interesting, it will be shared. Why wouldn’t you offer up captivating videos demonstrating your product?
  • How Long should the video be for best results?  it varies on the product and service but has the same benefitsVideo length

So video commerce moves far beyond simply producing a video. It integrates product benefits, brand development, and the resulting e-commerce journey into a shopping experience. 

  • What type of video content is available online?– it has a split based on the categories, where we see 33% are customer testimonial which is of great benefit for companies and users, another 33% goes to explainer videos and 32% is actually product demonstration. In D2 we have intro and demonstration type where people are showing their products and services, which makes D2 a largest video commerce website in Pakistan.   

Type of video content

Video creation for the purpose of promoting products or services can seem like a difficult mountain to surmount, however it really is not. All you need to figure out is to find the best platforms that enable you to highlight your videos with certainty to get the needed traction, engagement, and result. YouTube thus far is the leader of the pack among Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok which presents a platform that allows videos to be hosted and shared. As a video marketer who wants to succeed, it is not enough to be on a platform that allows you to share your videos. You should want a platform that combines hosting your videos and that also makes available solid exciting terrain for assured sales.  


D2 Marketplace for Video Marketing  

D2 marketplace is Pakistan's Leading Video-Powered Marketplace. D2 is quite a game changer for any successful video marketer as they have been able to successfully create a platform that offers far much more than what regular video-sharing platforms give to video marketers. As a top shopping website offering video-commerce, D2 allows service sellers in Pakistan to sell their services in video-powered form. Sellers are given a platform to highlight their skills to attract customers. As a Beautician, Tailor, Photographer, or any service seller, D2 allows you to  

"Host videos, attract clients, and easy communication with potential clients while your business is exposed to millions of buyers". 

The rise of video commerce has not reached its Apex yet, it is, however, growing exponentially and as a skilled seller in Pakistan, there is no better time than now to join the fast-moving train.