D2 – A Perfect Choice of a Platform for Smart Business Owners in Pakistan

by Faran Samuel on October 07, 2022

D2 is a video platform created to link business owners (service providers) with customers looking for their services and providing efficient inter-human connections between the skillful individual and their clients, creating customer satisfaction. 

The smart and intelligent businessperson of today is looking for new ways of promoting their business since the old ways have become redundant and useless. In today’s world of smart devices and smart solutions, rampant digital transformation, getting on the digital bandwagon the quickest is the only way forward for them.  

D2 - Smart choice for small business owners

D2 provides E-commerce services for companies and individuals that buy and sell goods and services over the Internet. This is an on-time delivery platform which allows users also to make payments on deliver 

What does D2 offer? 

D2 is a platform that offers sales of products with customer support, Price guarantee and Cashes on deliver to bring market space to the digital world and gives entrepreneurs like Tailors, hair stylists, Photographers etc. the ability to quickly get connected to the world at large and creating global visibility to small scale business thereby promoting them.  

D2 Sellers are having the qualities of: 

  • Decisiveness and action-orientation 
  • Ability to give their best to clients and  
  • Friendliness 
  • Creativity and flexibility in service delivery  
  • Having the hunger to learn and teach 
  • Passionateness about what they do 


Problems D2 platform eradicates 

The major problem is the lack of a platform for the lifestyle service providers (aka skilled creators on D2 – someone skilled enough to create an earning for oneself by monetizing his skills) as a collective. A platform where they can offer their services while promoting their businesses, showing their skills, and engaging their customers through interesting profile videos. The existing apps and websites in the market offer sporadic services in the lifestyle sector or non-lifestyle services like handyman services etc.  

Even if some of the platforms offer scope for monetization, there is a lack of immediateness for these skilled creators, and there is no scope for direct earning there. One must wait for a long time before one can monetize their skills. Everybody can use their skill to make income for their family without disturbing each other. 

On the other side, the buyers must face a lot of confusion and unreliability when finding the right skilled creator for their required service quickly. D2 provides a platform with the best individuals to provide the best job, so clients do not have to go through the stress of searching anymore. 

Also, around buying and selling, d2 provides this service at human reach, whereby you do not have to leave for a convenient zone before you get your desired product. 

D2 offers quality product video reviews where customers will not blindly buy products based on their reviews, pictures, and textual reviews of the products and then, when they receive it, have either put it in their wardrobe forever without having to use it or need to. 


Services and products on D2 

D2 provide the services of the following entrepreneurship skills: 

  • Sewing and Alteration Specialist 
  • Freelance Developer 
  • Freelance Graphic Designer 
  • Photographer 
  • Videographer 
  • Freelance Writer 
  • Car Detailing Specialist 
  • Translator 
  • Gardner 
  • Cleaner 
  • Chef 

And provide products in fashion, clothing, beauty products, watches, healthy foods, and electronics. 

How do Entrepreneurs tend to sell themselves in D2? 

A user joins the app and signs up as a buyer or a skilled creator. If he registers as a skilled creator, he/she shall make an introductory video for his business and then post it in the working category. Once done, he shall then regularly keep posting videos showing him being the expert in his art and keeping his followers engaged. Once buyers become interested in their services, they can interact with the skilled creator through chat and contact them via phone. Once everything is agreed upon, they can engage in the services transaction.  

How do Clients Use D2? 

In the case of a client, they will have the option to explore the introductory business videos of different SCs in the marketplace section and watch their profile videos in the Showcase section. Also, have access to contact the entrepreneur directly and finalize deals around product sales. They visit the site and locate the search dialogue box, the type of product of their interest. If they do not have a particular product in mind, they have the option to explore the site and check reviews of the product till they locate their desired product. After locating the product, they want to purchase, and they click on "add to cart" and drop their contact and location for delivery. 

With the introduction of D2, the services industry is set to go on a metamorphosis that would eventually revolutionize the whole industry. The only question is who will get on this movement the earliest and make a name for themselves before others join in and provide them with competition.