A Guide to Video Marketing and Commerce

by Faran Samuel on October 31, 2022

First, we would like to have a grasp of what Video marketing is and why is it important to small businesses. To many, they see Video marketing as a complicated or expensive process; however, that is not the case. Whether as a small business owner or big business owner, getting into video marketing is quite easy as anyone with even a smartphone can do video marketing, all it takes is some basic planning and creativity and you will be on your way to creating marketing videos that will convert. 

A Guide to Video Marketing and Commerce


What is Video marketing? 

Video marketing simply means using videos for promoting and telling people about your products of services. Video marketing increases engagement in your sales page or channels, it educates your audience on what you are offering. Video marketing is a strong form of marketing that effectively engages your audience as a part of your marketing campaign. 


Importance of Video Marketing 

Using video as part of marketing is gaining so much traction across several businesses. A survey done by Render Forest found that videos helped increase 

1) Brand awareness by over 70% 

2) Engagement by over 80% 

3) Traffic by over 50%  

4) Sales by 34% 

The reason for video marketing popularity is their relative ease to engage with potential clients. 


Benefits of Video Marketing 

The benefits of Video marketing cannot be over-emphasized as businesses are using increased Videos to engage their customers. As a business owner, there are several benefits and reasons why you should use videos for your business marketing, Videos enable you 

  • Increase customer base
  • Enable buyers to understand your product or service
  • Your business stands out from those of your competitors
  • You rank high in search engines
  • You provide a more personal means to engage with your potential customers.


Getting Started With Video Marketing 

Video marketing has become a leading strategy for making more sales for many businesses. The earlier you get started with Video marketing, the better the chances to grow your business as quickly as possible. Below, we will be highlighting the best platform to begin your video marketing campaign for your business in Pakistan. 


D2 App And How It Can Help Service Sellers Create Video Promotions 

D2 app is not new to the scene as they are the biggest video marketplace in Pakistan. As a service seller, you will be leaving a lot of potential income not being on D2. We will be looking at the step-by-step process of getting started on D2. 


D2 is extremely video focused as they have identified the importance and benefits video marketing presents to sellers. Many sellers who wish to tap into the benefits video marketing present often see YouTube as the platform where they can highlight their products or service, however, this does not usually give them the result they want as YouTube is more of a social media platform than an ecommerce platform. But those who register on D2 can also host their videos for free, likewise being able to sell their services to thousands of customers who visit the D2 app monthly. 


3 Steps to Selling On D2 App 

  1. Download and register on the D2 app 
  1. Make and upload your videos  
  1. Start Earning  


Download and Register On the D2 App: D2 app is available for download for both Android and iOS devices, all you need to do is head over to the Google play store or Apple app store to download the D2 app. After registering, all you need to do is fill in your details, and viola, you are good to go. 

Make and Upload Your Videos: Oftentimes, a lot of people believe making marketing videos of their product or service is a complex process, however, that is not the case as anyone with a smartphone can. If you have a professional camera, "Great" but if you only have a smartphone that has a camera, all you need to do is record yourself giving a well-detailed explanation of your service. Most times, sellers who record themselves demonstrating what they do more often are able to convert more customers. 

Start Earning: D2 is a location-based marketplace, which means as a service seller on D2, you can easily acquire clients for your business as those who seek your service around your location can easily employ your service. When customers come on the D2 app, they can chat with you, once an agreement on the service to be rendered has been agreed upon, you can then go on to render your service and get paid. 


Video marketing is rapidly changing the landscape of e-commerce across the globe, sellers are now able to attract more customers to their Businesses through video sales likewise customers now have a better grasp of the products or services they wish to purchase before making monetary commitments.