10 Best examples of e-commerce (product/service) video marketing

by Faran Samuel on November 22, 2022

Everyone loves Videos, if you check across all social media, you will see how video content is becoming increasingly popular, social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are becoming quite popular with billions of views to their credit. This proves the enormous potential video marketing has for businesses. Video marketing increases traffic on e-commerce stores, likewise triggering buyers to make purchases. In this article, we will be highlighting 10 best examples of e-commerce (product/service) video marketing. There is no one specific way to make a product or service video, customers have various expectations of what they expect to see and likewise have unique needs when it comes to their buying decision. However, our examples below will give you a grasp of what to expect. 

10 best examples of video marketing


1) MyD2App - Buy Online Home Appliances

2) Bloom and Wild  

3) Man Crate  

4) Raspberry Pi 

5) Nike 

6) MADE 

7) Etsy 

8) Native Union  

9) Nine Line  

10) Solo stove 

1) MyD2App: when you post videos on social media, the platform you use is quite important, your videos must be something people can relate to on the platform you are posting it, that way, once they come across your video, it does not seem surprising to them, they can properly take their time to watch it and know how it can be benefiting to them. Just like YouTube, a lot of people go on the platform to watch videos of how to make money, how to do certain things, etc. In the video made and posted by MyD2App - Buy Online Home Appliances, they clearly understand that people want to know how to sell their services more effectively and the video clearly portrays the step-by-step process to do this on the MyD2App Online eCommerce Store. 


2) Bloom and Wild: It is quite necessary that more effort is done than simply displaying a product in a video. It needs to be properly visualized in the mind of the buyer, that is the advantage videos have over just images. When tutorial videos are made, they show the products in use, that way, buyers themselves can have the almost same feel as though they are the ones using it while existing customers are helped to make proper use of your product. All these can be clearly seen in the Bloom and Wild tutorial video below. 


3) Man Crate: When you watch this video, just listening to the words keeps you entertained, however, that is not just the reason it is on this list, you can clearly see that the video displays the brand spirit, likewise what consumers are expected to see in the box as they also enjoy the view of the opening experience which is all done in less than a minute. 


4) Raspberry Pi: Two especially important things are noted in this video, the first is transparency and relatability, likewise knowing one’s audience quite well. Both can be clearly noted in the video. In the video, the founder gives a personal story behind establishing the company. He conveys his reasons while speaking to people like him, and parents of kids as he used to be one too before. the video clearly depicts how things are changing and how technology has indeed changed the world. 


5)  Nike: This video shows an influencer promoting a nice brand of a particular product. It is not necessarily necessary for a company to promote its product by itself or through its platform. Many companies go into partnership with influencers who have a completely different audience from what the brand has, this opens the company completely to a whole new audience. As a smaller or new company, you do not necessarily need to have as many funds as Nike, you can certainly work with smaller influencers who would not cost you as much, but they sure will expose you to a whole new different audience. 


6) MADE:  A lot of people do not like when adverts are pushed down their throat, when they come across a post that screams advert, it turns them off. Therefore, when creating and posting your video, you must learn the Art of Keeping it brief while hitting the point in a less pushy way. This is an art MADE has mastered well.  




7) Etsy: It has been realized that buyers are more comfortable making a purchase from Brands attached to a face than just buying from an unknown brand or person. Etsy uses this knowledge to advertise where they are using videos of the scene of the sellers on their platform and how the products are made. This enables customers to have that close experience knowing they know the face behind the product they are buying.  


@mandymaylane Taking my baby to the kiln #sculpture #clay #foryoupage #womanartist #art #artist #foryou #sculptor #ceramic #fineart #processvideos #Portrait ♬ Falling - Trevor Daniel



8) Native Union: this video, detail an intriguing story of Convenience for modern technology customers. This is the age and time of expanding technology which everyone is quite into. The background and lighting of the video are quite soft and subtle,  it makes the home quite relatable with us or something we had loved to have. 


9) Nine Line:  Oftentimes we think being quite serious and Stern will convey our points properly, however that is not always the case as wit and humor has been seen to bring results at times. in this video, the brand uses its humor with its niche product line with an intriguing, superb audio narration without uttering any words at all. 


10) Solo stove: this video is a perfect example of storytelling and product display. it does not only show the product in action but also explain the position and background of the Brand and what inspired the product to come to life.